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International Traveller Luggage Sets


International Traveller Luggage, by Landor & Hawa, start to build quality luggage at an exceptional value in 1985. They produce every bag featuring innovative design at the forefront of technology.

The International Traveller has a long-standing reputation of building some of the lightest luggage on the market. This is achieved by constructing luggage of a polycarbonate shell that is extremely durable. Polycarbonate luggage, consisting of twin molded shells with zipper closures was introduced in Europe in 2001.

Lightweight and very strong is a hard to beat combination.

Again being in the forefront of technology, International Traveller Luggage has now introduced Frameless and Freefoarm technologies in soft sided fabric luggage resulting in ultra-lightweight packing cases with more interior packing space.

International Traveller also has some of the most eye-catching designs out there, with everything from zebra stripes to purple polka dots, for luggage that not only offers quality and durability, but is full of fun personality as well.

Some of the best-selling International Traveller luggage sets are:

International Traveller Ultra-Lightweight 3 Piece Luggage Set

International Traveller Large Dot 4 Piece Set

International Traveller Palm Polycarbonate 4 Piece 4 Wheel Set

International Traveller Augusta 3 Piece 4 Wheel Set


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